Vadya Vrinda


Vadya Vrinda is a group of Seattle-based artists formed in October 2005. It is a unique and innovative instrumental orchestra which presents a beautiful experience of sophisticated light music by blending specialty Indian classical musical instruments like santoor, sitar, violin and flute with accompaniment instruments like the harmonium and tabla. The group will perform semi-classical, raga-based popular Marathi and Hindi songs.

The idea behind forming this group was to make the instruments “sing”, accompany and convey the lyrics and emotions of the song to the audience. At the same time, the goal was to venture into playing something different on these classical instruments that which are famous for rendering melodious ragas.

The group has performed for BMM 2007 and Seattle Maharashtra Mandal. The artists are:
Anjali Joshi:                santoor
Sampada Bhalerao:    sitar
Nitin Karnik:                sitar
Satyajit Limaye:          bansuri
Suresh Shukla:            bansuri
Deepa Joglekar:          harmonium
Sanjeev Karande:        harmonium
Ashish Shanbhag:        tabla
Pramod Walvekar:       tabla
Rashmi Joshi:               keyboard, swarmandal
Ashwin Karnik:             clarinet, tabla and miscellaneous percussion

VenueCenter House Stage, Seattle Center Date: Sunday Oct 14. Time: 12:00 noon


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