Srikanth Dakshinamoorthy


Srikanth Dakshinamoorthy started learning to play the bamboo flute at the age of 14. He had his initial training in from Sri. T. Ravindran in Chennai, India. Srikanth performed in light music and devotional concerts from 1997-99. During this time, he also learnt Carnatic compositions from Sri. Nanganallur Ramanathan, Smt. Rathna Sooryanarayanan, and Sri. Shashank. Since 2003, he has been learning from Smt. Sreevidhya Chandramouli, a tenth generation descendant of the illustrious Karaikudi veena tradition. Under Smt. Sreevidhya’s guidance, he is continuing to study all aspects of Carnatic music including compositions, raga alapana and kalpana swarams. He lives with his wife Archana and son Shambhava in Portland, where they enjoy practicing and learning music from Smt. Sreevidhya Chandramouli.

In Utsav 2007, Srikanth will accompany Meera Krishna on the flute.

Venue: MOHAI McEachern Auditorium. Date: Saturday Oct 13. Time: 6:30 PM


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