Shraddha Deodhar-Oak


Shraddha Oak

Shraddha Deodhar-Oak is a trained Jazz dancer and was with leading dancer-choreographer Shaimak Davar for two years. She has basic training in classical Bharatnatyam dance and advanced training in creative Indian folk dances. Over the years she has participated in and choreographed a number of dances in India and in the US. She won first prize at ‘Parle Mahotsav’ and at the International festival at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville for her folk dances. She also participated and choreographed for the BMM 2007 convention at Seattle. Shraddha is actively involved with local community events and is herself pursuing training in classical Bharatnatyam dance in Redmond. Aside from this, Shraddha finished her masters in polymer chemistry at University of Tennessee, Knoxville and is a doctoral student at University of Washington, Seattle, pursuing her PhD in the field of Bioengineering. Apart from dancing she is also actively involved in dramatics and is currently working on a new production venture for a Hindi ‘Grips theatre’ play by “Experiments”, an organization started by her husband, Subhag Oak.

In Utsav 2007, Shraddha will present Lavani folk dance with Geeta Keni.

Venue: Center House Stage, Seattle Center. Date: Saturday October 13. Time: 2:00 PM


2 Responses to Shraddha Deodhar-Oak

  1. Hi
    This is nitin kumbhare a friend of subhag oak, we done theatre in mumbai with subhag,can u mail me subhag mail and contact details at the earliest, from last so many we didn,t meet, pls ask subhag to mail me my cel no is +91 98200 30235

    Thanks & Regards to both of you

    Nitin Kumbhare

  2. Ooh lord, sorry Nitin, I saw ur post today while accidently surfing net.
    Subhag’s email id is and I will ask him to contact you.

    Thanks for touching base and hope all is well.

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