Satyajit Limaye


Satyajit Limaye 

Satyajit Limaye was born in Mumbai, India and raised in Pune, India in a family of musicians and music lovers. His father is a proficient mandolin player. Satyajit’s education in music started with tabla lessons at Kalachhaya, an institute of dance and music in Pune under the tutelage of Mr. Bharat Jangam. He was introduced to the flute by a friend during his undergraduate years. Satyajit was fortunate enough to get acquainted with Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia’s student Milind Date, who taught him some of the fine points about flute playing. Satyajit credits most of his knowledge and skill on the flute to Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia’s recordings and live performances. While in India, Satyajt has accompanied both Kathak dance and vocal performances. In the US he has played extensively with jazz and world music bands in Chicago. He has played both the tabla and flute in many Indian classical, semi-classical and devotional music concerts.

In his Utsav 2007 performance, Satyajit Limaye will be accompanied on the tabla by Ashish ShanbhagSatyajit will also perform as part of Vadya Vrinda.

Venue: Conference Room Theater and Center House Stage, Seattle Center. Date: Saturday October 13 and Sunday Oct 14. Time: 12:00 noon.


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  1. Corey Fish says:

    I had asked Ravi Albright if he knew of a Bansuri teacher in the Seattle area and he referenced this website. He thought maybe Sri Limaye lived in or near Seattle? If so, I would like to contact him for possible Bansuri lessons, as I live near Seattle. Apparently there is nobody who teaches Bansuri in the Seattle area. Thank you.

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