Sandeep Ranade


Sandeep Ranade

Mewati gharana’s Sandeep Ranade began singing at the age of four and gave his first public performance at six. From the age of five and a half, he learnt classical singing from Mrs. Anjali Joglekar-Ponkshe for ten years. Since then, he has been training with Dr. Shobha Abhyankar. He has also had the fortune of receiving invaluable guidance from her son, the internationally acclaimed singer Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar.

The specialty of Mewati gharana is emotive, expressive, evocative music that calms the mind and soothes the soul. Clarity in enunciation, graceful beauty in the composition and melody that is woven with the meaning of the lyrics is stressed in this unique and elegant style. Elaborate sargam, aesthetic, ornate taan patterns and soulful khayaal development add to the charisma of this gharana.

Sandeep infuses his own unique blend of emotive aroma, creative flavor and mathematical zest into the enchanting elements of the Mewati style to whet the listener’s musical appetite. His Computer Science background, scientific curiosity and engineering discipline has helped him in creating Ragamatics, a quest to understand, specify and communicate ideas and emotions effectively through music. Please visit his website for more information.

In his Utsav 2007 performance, Sandeep Ranade will be accompanied by Mohan Khandekar on the harmonium and Kuntal Roy on the tabla.

Venue: Conference Room Theater, Center House, Seattle Center. Date: Sunday October 14. Time: 1:00 PM


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