Rizwan Nasar


Rizwan Nasar

Music has always been a part of Rizwan Nasar‘s life. He grew up listening to his mother’s lullabies and all sorts of music on radio and television. He has never had formal music education but understands music well and composes his own songs. Geet and ghazal are his favorite genres though he enjoys all kinds of music. Whenever he sees good written poetry, he tries to put a tune to it. He is in the marketing communications business and consults with various companies. He also runs a production house that produces TV commercials, documentaries and short movies. Currently he is working on a new script to produce a movie later this year. He lives with his wife (an elementary school teacher at Lake Washington School District) and daughter (a high school student) in Sammamish. They enjoy the beautiful Northwest outdoors. In his spare time Rizwan loves to sing, listen to music and if time permits, produce and direct a movie or two (he already has a few under his belt).

In his Utsav 2007 performance, Rizwan Nasar will be presenting ghazal music. He will be accompanied on the harmonium by Mohan Khandekar and on the tabla by Satyajit Nath.

Venue: Conference Room Theater, Center House, Seattle Center. Date: Sunday October 14. Time: 12:00 noon


One Response to Rizwan Nasar

  1. Dr.Humayun Matin says:

    My association with rizwan goes back about 35 years or so. I remeber him presenting verses in praise of Allah and and our prophet Mohammed in school. I often heard him singing songs

    I wish him all the luck in this innings

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