Rajiv Bharadwaja


Rajiv Bharadwaja   

Rajiv Bharadwaja began taking flute lessons at a young age from Sri. S. A. Shashidhar in Bangalore. Ever since then, Carnatic music has been Rajiv’s passion. He gave his debut solo concert under the auspices of Banashankari Fine Arts society in August 2001. Subsequently, he trained for a brief period under vocalist Sri. C. M. Venkatachalam in San Diego, CA while attending graduate school. Currently, he is receiving advanced training from vocalist Sri. Ashok Immaneni in Bellevue, WA. Learning from vocalists has helped him refine his fingering techniques for reproducing fine gamakas on the flute. He has performed in various places in India and the US

Rajiv resides in Redmond, WA, where he works at Microsoft Corporation as a software developer. When he’s not working, listening to music, or performing, he enjoys skiing, badminton and traveling.

In his Utsav 2007 performance, Rajiv Bharadwaja will be accompanied by Karthik Gopalratnam on the mridangam.

Venue: Conference Room Theater, Center House, Seattle Center. Date: Sunday October 14 Time: 2:00 PM


One Response to Rajiv Bharadwaja

  1. MoonlitDay says:

    Were you ever slated to play Folklife in the Cafe Saturday at 5:30? Their site and handout are conflicting… The girl playing during what showed online as your slot is good, but not you. :/

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