Mohan Khandekar


Mohan Khandekar

Music has been Mohan Khandekar’s passion since his childhood. For a short period of time he took sitar lessons from Ustad Usman Khan while in Pune, and has continued his involvement in music in one form or the other ever since.  Mohan is an architect by profession and enjoys all kinds of music. He is a self-taught harmonium player and has accompanied Seattle vocalists such as Sharad Gadre, Ramesh Gangolli and Kumud Nagarkar in concerts. He has also participated in lecture demonstration workshops in Vancouver B. C., Victoria, B. C., Portland and Seattle.  Mohan has been an integral part of Ragamala‘s operations for several years now, and presently serves as Ragamala’s treasurer.

In Utsav 2007, Mohan Khandekar will provide harmonium accompaniment for Sandeep Ranade and Rizwan Nasar in their respective performances.

Venue: Conference Room Theater, Center House, Seattle Center. Date: Sunday October 14. Time: 12:00 noon


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