Meera Krishna



Meera Krishna is a Bharatanatyam dancer and Carnatic classical singer. She was introduced to these art forms and the performance stage at a very young age. Meera trained in Bharatanatyam for many years under the strict guidance of Padma Vibhushan Guru Smt. Sonal Mansingh, one of the foremost exponents of the art from the Pandanallur school. She received intensive training in Carnatic music from her mother Smt. Radhakrishna, and has been giving vocal music concerts for many years. Her dance training at her Guru’s dance school included studying with other scholars and masters in the dance field such as Late Shri. Jiwan Pani and Tala Vidwan Kalaimamani Late Shri. Kadhirvelu Pillai.

Meera has performed widely in India, both solo as well as with her Guru’s dance company. Meera also represented India as part of cultural delegations to many countries in South Asia and Europe. After her move to Seattle, she performed locally for ISKCON, Yoga Centers, Northwest Folklife, Town Hall Seattle, PPI, and conducted music, dance and yoga workshops as part of Folklife’s program for children living in community shelters.  

Meera believes that music inspires emotive dance (abhinaya), and uses her intensive training in Carnatic music and abhinaya to make the interplay of music and dance very cohesive, and to explore new territories for their integration. Her musical expertise also enables her to compose music for her new dance productions in addition to choreographing them. Meera enjoys researching, practicing, performing and honing her twin passions. She also loves to teach and share her knowledge of these art forms with her enthusiastic and dedicated students. For more information on Meera, visit

In her Utsav 2007 performance, Meera Krishna will be accompanied by the following artists:

Dr. Joyce K. Paul:                      nattuvangam

Priya Raghav:                            vocals

Dr. Sheila Sudhakar:                 veena

Srikanth Dakshinamoorthy:        flute

Dr. Subrahmanyam Sudhakar:  mridangam

Venue: MOHAI McEachern Auditorium. Date: Saturday Oct 13. Time: 6:30 PM


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