Leela Kathak Workshop


Guru Urmila Nagar, assisted by the Leela Kathak dancers, Annie Penta, Brandon McIntosh and Linda Bartolucci and will be conducting this workshop of Kathak, puppetry and music. 

The workshop will commence with a Ganesh paran (invocation). There will be an introduction to the tabla, the instrument’s form and sounds, a participatory demonstration in teental (16 beats) and a description of the tabla‘s role as an accompanying instrument. There will be a similar introduction to the sarod, the music it plays, and the role of instrumental music in dance accompaniment. There will be a Shadow puppet demonstration, with a discussion on materials and ideas about the best uses for puppets. Urmila Nagar will present her ideas about the traditional use of puppets in Udaipur, India, puppet movement, their uses and limitations, and music which accompanies puppetry. There will be a presentation of Namaskar (greeting) in three dance forms: Kathak, Bharatanatyam and Odissi and a discussion on costumes for dance and storytelling. The performers will then entertain questions from the audience and workshop participants.

Venue: Ethnic Cultural Theater. Date: Friday October 12. Time: 10:30 AM


One Response to Leela Kathak Workshop

  1. annie penta says:

    The workshop described above will happen from 10:30 – 12:00 on October 12th in the ECT. We will break for lunch and then from 1:30 – 3:00 the LEELA KATHAK DANCERS with Urmila-ji, Brandon, and Annie will present traditional kavits and stories of Lord Krishna, Shiva, and Ram, in dance. The Puget Sound Educational Service District will give 3 clock hours for attending teachers.

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