Murchona – Anindita Das, Surma Hossain and Rosy


Anindita Das 

Anindita Das is a singer from Bangladesh. She has undergone formal training in music for about fifteen years. She was an enlisted Nazrul Geeti singer in Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Radio. She has won many awards in different music competitions including a few national ones. She likes to sing semi-classical songs, Nazrul Geeti and melodious oldies. She joined Pratidhwani, a Seattle-based folk music band in 2006.In Utsav 2007, Anindita Das will present traditional music of Bangladesh.

Surma Hossein

Surma Hossain (Bangladesh) began music lessons during her childhood. She received classical music lessons from Ustad Ibrahim Khan, Ustad Mohammad Motaleb and Ustad Osman Ghani. While Surma sings a diverse array of songs, her expertise and passion lies in semi-classical songs and in Nazrul-Geeti. Surma has won awards in many music competitions, and she has performed in numerous programs in USA and Canada. Surma will present Nazrul-Geeti in Utsav 2007. 

Venue: Conference Room Theater, Center House, Seattle Center. Date: Saturday Oct 13. Time: 11:00 AM


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