About Ragamala

Our Mission

Ragamala strives to advance the traditional performing arts of South Asia through exceptional programming.

Our Goals

In order to fulfill our mission of bringing exceptional artistic programming to the Puget Sound, Ragamala has set certain benchmarks of organizational excellence. We intend to:

  • Present at least 8 recitals and concerts a year of traditional music, dance and arts from South Asia;
  • Continue to support the organization of UTSAV, Seattle’s annual festival of the performing arts of South Asia;
  • Forge ongoing partnerships with complementary organizations in our community;
  • Maintain and expand outreach initiatives, including offerings of workshops, lecture demonstrations, radio interviews, special programming for children and pre- and post-concert discussion sessions.

Volunteering for Ragamala

Ragamala is an all volunteer organization and welcomes individuals interested in volunteering for Ragamala. Our volunteer meetings occur on the 1st Sunday of every month (except for holiday weekends), and are open to all. To attend a meeting or to find out more about volunteering for Ragamala, please contact Vibhavaree Gargeya – (206)-706-8158 or send us e-mail.

Meet Ragamala’s People

More About Us

Ragamala is a non-profit 501c(3) organization that has brought the best in South Asian performing arts to the Puget Sound region since 1981. We seek to foster understanding and appreciation of these art forms through our activities.

Ragamala is a community based volunteer group, whose members contribute annually to sustain the activities of the organization. Contributions come in the form of money, and equally significantly, in form of volunteer services which make Ragamala’s activities feasible. Examples of such services rendered in the past have been: hosting and transporting visiting artists, their instruments and other equipment, providing instrumental or vocal accompaniment at concerts, providing professional services such as graphic design, publicity layout, audio-visual and recording assistance etc.

Over the years, Ragamala has developed many links with partner organizations throughout our community, and throughout the US and Canada. Locally, our collaborations have included joint productions and presentations with the Ethnomusicology Program at the University of Washington, Town Hall Seattle, the Seattle Center, Seattle Art Museum, Pratidhwani, and Earshot Jazz. Ragamala has featured the work of visiting artists from abroad, as well as some performers who are resident in North America.

Over the last quarter century, Ragamala has presented over 250 performances of high artistic quality, and has been the driving force behind several festivals, including its signature annual Utsav festival in the fall. We have been generously supported in the past by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Seattle Arts Commission, and the King County Arts Commission, as well as by gift-matching programs sponsored by the Boeing Company, Microsoft and various other corporations in our area. Sustaining memberships, however, continue to make up the bulk of our financial support.

Ragamala’s life blood continues to be its volunteer and member base. Today Ragamala maintains a membership base of about 150, and continues to draw sizeable audiences to its programs. Most importantly Ragamala continues to offer world class artistic experiences to its audiences at very low cost. We welcome you to join our family as we chart our artistic course into the 21st century!


7 Responses to About Ragamala

  1. Hi,
    I am an aqaintance of Shanta Benegal and her husband Nerungen. I used to take
    singing lessons from Shanta and hold her very dear to me. We had a son some time
    ago and since then became less involved in all outside activities and have lost Shanta’s phone number.
    A new young couple from Calcutta and another large city in India have
    just arrived in Seattle. His mother is a singer and he can sing as well. His mother had suggested he connect with Ragamala so they were pleasantly surprised when I mentioned your organization to them. I would love to personalize their introduction to you a little by letting Shanta know about their coming. He is Arjit Rahut and I already forgot her name! They are very sweet.
    Can you please let Shanta know of their coming or have her contact me by phone or email? My Phone numbers are 206 368-9090 and cell 206 387-5292.
    Thank you!
    Claudia Ross Kuhn

  2. Clint says:


    Do you have any recommendations for Bansuri teachers in the Everett and Seattle areas?

    Best regards,

  3. Jim says:

    I forgot to mention I live in New Jersey. Thank you.

  4. K.Visweswaran Iyer says:

    Iam looking out for the song kakaisiraginile nandalala
    by Madurai TN Sweshagopalan in Brindavan saranga Rag. can you get for me.


  5. Harish chandra pati, [pakawaj player] says:

    very nice pls……

  6. Harish chandra pati, [pakawaj player] says:


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