Utsav Logo – Love it or love it

Utsav 2007 logo

We finally got a logo design done…. Wooohooo! I learnt along the way that it’s far easier to critique a logo design than it is to produce one. At the same time critical comments from really smart and dedicated people actually really helps get to the right answer or certainly a right-er answer. So while I’m pretty sure that this logo isn’t going to appeal to every one of you, I’m confident it’s going to grow on you and will be something that you will remember.

Either way do tell us what you think about it….we really do want to know…


7 Responses to Utsav Logo – Love it or love it

  1. lraman says:

    Like it the more I see it! Looks snazzy, sharp, plus has an ethnic element to it. The dot in the “U” is a nice touch…

  2. Vibhavaree says:

    Love the lettering!! Not so sure about the 3 “sails” – they seem a little too tall compared to the lettering. Overall, I like the logo! Nice job 🙂

  3. Ganesh says:

    The letters UTSAV hanging off a line similar to Devnagari script is very creative. Love it.

    Font color could have been green and the color of the dot could have been blue to reflect Indian flag colors.

    Not sure if I like the triangular jazzy pattern. What does it represent anyway?

  4. Rajan says:

    Thanks for the feedback…Utsav is a South Asian event and covers Bangla Desh, Pakistan and other South Asian cultures….hence the font colors are not meant to be representative of any particular country. The triangular patterns are abstract sails….the repetition of form is meant to convey a sense of rhythm.

  5. Venus says:

    I feel the logo image speaks of creation. Seems as if it is the synthesis of arts dancing to nature with arms streached yet announcing of something new to happen. The dot in U is resembling the Indian accessory Bndi thats decorated on the forehead and used in festivals and thats how it justifies, “Utsav 2007”.

  6. ANIL says:


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