About Ragavani: Ragamala’s Journal of Indian Music and Dance

Ragavani debuted in Spring 2007 as an online journal of scholarly articles, concert and book reviews and conversations with experts in the field of Indian music and dance. Here is an excerpt of a review of Shruti Sadolikar’s recent concert for Ragamala written by Vaishampayana.

“It was with some sense of anticipation that the reviewer attended Smt. Shruti Sadolikar-Katkar’s recital at the Music Building at the University of Washington on July 14, 2007. My anticipation, which I am sure was mirrored by the internal thoughts of others in the audience, arose out of a curiosity to see how well Shruti had maintained the tradition of her Atrauli-Jaipur Gharana. The Atrauli-Jaipur Gharana is known for a steady, unchanging laya, maintained with pristine precision, against which the most difficult, vakra ragas are sung, laden with incredibly complex taans that spiral inwards and outwards over several avartans. Needless to say, when a musician is billed as being of the Atrauli-Jaipur Gharana, a lot should be expected. I arrived with commensurately high expectations. I was not disappointed. Shruti Sadolikar opened her recital with Raga Purvi, choosing the well-known vilambit bandish “Charana Parasata” in Teental….”

Click here to read the complete article. For more such reading (including the Spring 2007 Issue), go to: http://ragavani.org. To get on the Ragavani mailing list and be notified of new articles, write to editor@ragavani.or.

–Srivani Jade (Editor)


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    About Ragavani: Ragamala’s Journal of Indian Music and Dance | Ragamala Blog

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